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  • Our agency has served over 110,000 Connecticut residents since 1985. In 2015, our agency reaches its landmark "30th Anniversary" of doing business. You can count on us to be around. Our "fast, friendly & local agents" ARE THERE FOR YOU!

    With many top-rated insurance companies, WE SHOP TO SAVE YOU $! Regardless of whether you have accidents, tickets, DUIs (Driving Under the Influence) or a clean driving record, we'll search for the LOWEST RATE FOR YOU! Plus, we offer exceptional customer service on our clients' insurance policies.

    We're a driven, technologically-advanced insurance agency that constantly seeks new ways to be innovative, successful and better serve our clients. We have state-of-the-art computer equipment, database, phone and networking technology. Staying on top of technology gives us an edge in MAKING YOUR EXPERIENCE WITH US "TOP NOTCH".

    Our employees are bi-lingual and multi-cultural to better serve our clients of varied ethnic and cultural backgrounds. We have Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Croatian, Bosnian, and Serbian speaking staff. We make ALL our new and existing clients feel welcome -- when they buy policies and need them serviced. Our personal, friendly, caring touch is the "peace of mind" you've been missing!

    Ever heard of those insurance agencies who promise to be everything to everybody -- AND THEN DON'T DELIVER? Some are a voice over an out-of-state, toll-free number that you can't ever reach again. Or one of those giant insurance companies where you're just a number -- where it's not possible to actually meet your insurance agent if you ever wanted to. What about when you get a quote, then your rate goes up after you buy it...for no good reason! You were honest up front about your driving record...but now they are avoiding your phone calls...was it a LICENSED INSURANCE AGENT who quoted and sold you a policy?

    LET US PUT A STOP TO ALL THE MADNESS WHEN IT COMES TO BUYING INSURANCE! It's time you're treated right by insurance experts who know what they're doing. Our licensed insurance agents' quotes are genuine, dependable. We don't play games. We analyze your insurance needs. We thoroughly explain coverage options and recommend what's best for your needs. We don't recommend unnecessary coverages on your policy. Bottom-line: Doing right by YOU is what matters. We're motivated -- if you're happy, then you'll recommend us to your friends & family!

    Call us, e-mail us, walk into our offices...you won't be just another number. You'll be treated right. Why wait? START SAVING MONEY RIGHT AWAY! Join our family of happy clients who made us their insurance agency of choice!

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